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One Weekend Off

I had posted a challenge for travel/club coaches. ┬áI’ve invited coaches to let me know if their team gives their players one weekend off per month. ┬áSo far I’ve heard from two teams. ┬áAnother I’m waiting for some details. ┬áSo as I hear from more coaches, I will add them to the list.


Lakewood Hustlers Coffman 16U – Mario Coffman

USSSA Pride – Indian ┬á┬á10u-16u teams – Steve Indian
Encinitas, CA.

I do more than give them one weekend off a month. We also right after nationals take the rest of August (approx 3 weeks) off. We will also be shutting down in another week until Dec 30th so the players and parents can enjoy their holiday season. I do believe in down time for the players and for the coaching staff, so they can regenerate not only their bodies but their minds too.

Steve Indian


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