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Age and Politics: Two Subjects That Highlight Youth Sports

Last week Greg Pappas and I discussed How Young is Too Young for youth sports.  While that may sound like a simple question it actually covers three different levels of youth sports.  First, at what age should you start your child in sports.  Second is about what age to get involved with competitive team sports.  And third we discussed what is the right age to get into travel or club sports.  If you missed that show, I encourage you to listen to the podcast.  While we could do two or three shows to cover all of that material, I do think we hit the basics so that any parent can know what questions to ask for their situation.

Due to a schedule change, my friend Richard Trujillo had to reschedule to next week, this week we will be discussing politics in youth sports. ┬áHow appropriate since today is election day and we will be choosing a new President. ┬áPeople leave rec ball to go to travel ball thinking they are leaving the politics, only to find out that travel and club sports have their own political issues. ┬áThe same is true of high school sports. ┬áHmmm. ┬áI wonder if college athletes have to deal with politics…. ┬áwhat do you think? ┬áYou can respond to this article, you can send me an email, or you can call the show tomorrow at (800)405-6425. ┬áWhat political battle did you or your children face in youth sports? ┬áDid you walk away from the drama, get caught up in the drama, or were you actually the one creating the drama?

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