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Calling all coaches! I want to hear from you.

I’m currently writing a book about what it takes to become a successful coach.  One of the chapters will be about having a purpose or motivation to coach.  I would like to get your feedback about what your purpose, your motivation was that led you to be a coach.  Whether it is because you started coaching your own children, or because you loved sports so much, or whatever.  What is your purpose to be a coach?  What keeps you going?

Please click this link to take the survey.  When you’re finished, you will be returned to the Kidz “n” Sports HOME Page.  Thank you for your contribution.



Rob Wigod, Commissioner of Athletics for CIF Southern Section

This week’s guest on Kidz “n” Sports is
Rob Wigod, Commissioner of Rob Wigod - Commissioner of Athletics, CIF Southern SectionAthletics for the CIF-Southern Section.  Rob has 23 areas of responsibility under his umbrella as Commissioner.  You can view these areas by clicking here.

While the CIF is looked upon as the governing body of high school athletics in California, there are a number of things they have a say in and there are other things that the individual schools and school districts control.  We will help separate which is which and how the CIF-Southern Section benefits your teen’s sports experience.

Runners Arise

For those of you who like to, want to, or have to run, be the best you can be.  Check out Jim Ryun’s web site at

I will be adding a track and field page to the web site this week.

Tune in today when I will be talking with Jim Ryun at 9 AM Pacific time at



How do YOU keep score?

Need help keeping score? Check out my ebook, How to Keep Score for Baseball and Softball.  The price is only $5.

Place your order by clicking the Pay Pal button here.  Once received I will email your Ebook within one business day.
 (I currently am not set up for automatic download.)

Post your comments here about your score keeping experiences. Do you like to keep score? Do you shy away from it?

What’s Goin’ On with Kidz “n” Sports!

Since Kidz “n” Sports is again taking a break from the air (internet) waves, and since it’s the end of the year, I am considering some new directions for Kidz “n” Sports.  But first, I need to get some information.  I will be sending out my newsletter later tonight.  If you haven’t subscribed please do so now.

I will sending out a survey with this newsletter and I very much want your input.  While I consider which directions are best to disseminate the Teach First, Win Later message, I would like you to tell me which information is most important to you.

So while I consider when, how, and where, I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me what.  What is the information you find most valuable?  If you’re not getting the newsletter, feel free to send an email directly to me at, giving me your needs in the fantastic world of youth sports.