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Coach Evans Roderick on Kidz “n” Sports

In case you missed it, here’s the video of the Mt. Sac player who allegedly slugged a referee during a recent game. ┬áActually the player hit the ref accidentally with his elbow. ┬áNo punch or slug like the media suggests in their headlines. ┬áThe player has been suspended for five years essentially ending his football career. ┬áBut is that the appropriate punishment for this situation?

One of Bernard Schirmer’s coaches, Coach Evans Roderick joins me┬átoday on Kidz “n” Sports. ┬áWe will compare this situation with others that you may have seen over the last year. ┬áA few are shown later in the video. ┬áTune in to at 9 AM Pacific time. ┬áMiss the live show, look for the podcast up on Friday at┬á

Mt. SAC Assistant Football Coach Evans Roderick

Mt. SAC Assistant Football Coach Evans Roderick


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