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13 thoughts on “Custom Lineup Cards

  1. Tony Gutierrez

    Before I order my team some of your Custom Lineup Cards, How do I make sure I am ordering the correct cards? I would like to order the Cards with my teams logo in the background.

    1. CoachMike Post author

      Greetings Tony:

      Most of the cards have the logo like a watermark in the background. Only on certain logos that don’t fade well, or if a customer requests to have the logo somewhere else, do I change that. Once you order the cards and provide me with the logo and information, I will design the card and send you a proof.


  2. Rodney

    Can I get a contact email or phone number? I am wanting certain things on the lineup cards and I want to make sure it can be done prior to ordering.


  3. Rod Jennings

    Hi Mike, I was just wondering if you still have on file the kind of lineup cards I ordered last year for the Loveland Orioles? If you do I would like to order somemore but I do have some changes to be made. Please let me know and Iget back with you on the changes. Thank You