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Football or No Football – That is the question!

The NFHS has instituted new rules for football for the 2014 season. ┬áMany state associations have also added new rules. ┬áAnd even state legislatures are limiting the amount of contact that teams can have in practice. ┬áHere’s one example in Michigan as reported on ABC News.

Depending upon which side you lean toward, the new rules can be just about our Players collide during football game.children’s safety, or as some see it as the beginning of the end for contact sports in our schools. ┬áWill high school football soon be a thing of the past? ┬áOr is football too popular of a sport to legislate it away? ┬áWhere do we draw the line when it comes to our children’s safety? ┬áWhen does it become an infringement on our freedom?

There are those who say we should do everything we can to make sure our kids are safe. But some people translate that into that our kids should NEVER get hurt or injured…something that is just not realistic in sports or in life. ┬áStill others see this as another sideline to the national health care debate and whether or not the government can tell you what activities you can and cannot do.

We have all heard the stories and perhaps even know someone who has sustained a serious head injury playing football or other sports.  I once had a classmate who had a very promising future (He had been accepted to multiple Service Academies and had other scholarship offers as well,) until he had been speared covering an onside kick.  He went into a coma for months and even though he eventually recovered to a degree would never be the person he had been.  And yet we know others who have played football for many years and seemingly have never had a serious injury.

So again, where do we draw the line? ┬áWhere do you side when it comes to the subject of safety and contact sports? ┬áThis will be a topic for discussion on my new show, Healthy Kidz ‘n’ Sports. ┬áSo let you comments come forth.

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