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How Youth Sports Can Impact a Young Life for the Positive!

Remember Peter Rodriguez?

Peter, Elizabeth, and Ryan join Coach Mike to promote Boys and Girls Club of Whittier.
Peter (far left), Elizabeth, and Ryan join Coach Mike to promote Boys and Girls Club of Whittier.

Peter is a local insurance broker/agent who was on Kidz “n” Sports a couple months ago promoting a toy drive for the Boys and Girls Club of Whittier.   Peter is doing a lot of good work now including prison ministry, and helping others around him.  But his story wasn’t always so positive.

Tune into Kidz “n” Sports this week to hear Peter’s story and how youth sports helped to change his life around.  Kidz “n” Sports airs every Wednesday at 9 AM on the internet at www.AdrenalineRadio.com.

Injuries Can Happen At Any Time….

So can heart attacks!

Just when we were starting to roll again, the coach has been sidelined.  That’s right.  Last Tuesday I suffered a massive heart attack.  “How massive?” you might ask.  The doctor said it doesn’t get any worse.  Well, yes it does…fortunately I’m still here.  God apparently isn’t finished with me yet.  There are still more young people to coach, and more people to help brighten their day.

But for now, I’ll have to take a break from doing the show.  I’m laid up for at least 30 days where I have to take it easy.  In the meantime I will be doing some writing, including a book about my experience.  They say that every heart attack is different.  If I can help one person then it will be worthwhile.  I will continue to post on the site and Facebook, and Twitter (@Kidznsports), and Pinterest.  There are some major youth sports issues going on.

In the meantime, my income is going to take a hit.  A friend suggested that I start a GoFundMe account so I did.  If I can get a little help to get through the next month that would be great.  Not only that, everyone who donates $10 or more will receive a copy of my new book when I publish it.  (Probably next month).  If you are not able to contribute, I understand.  I know others are hurting too.  Perhaps you can forward the link to someone you know.  Thank you for your support and prayers.

Check back here often.  I will answer all emails.  Have a great day.

Coach Mike

Check Us Out Today!

Kidz n Sports returns to the web today at 10 AM Pacific time. I will be joined in studio by my newest sponsor, Earl Singer of The Sporting Good.

Coach Mike

Coach Mike behind the mic.

We will be setting up the upcoming shows for the most part today. I have a number of interesting rules from the NCAA recruiting regulations that I’m going to mention. And we will be talking about the two high school boys in Texas who leveled the ref from behind. Do you think they should be banned for life from football? Since they are seniors (so I heard) how much “football” life do they have left? Should the ref press charges? What else? You’ll have to tune in to find out. If you can’t catch the life show at www.irantradio.com, then please come back to catch the podcast.

Have a great day.

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Kidz n Sports to go back on the air….er… net

Greetings Kidz “n” Sports fans.

Kidz “n” Sports will be back on the air on Wednesday, September 9th, from 10 – 11 AM.  You can hear Kidz “n” Sports on the internet at www.IRantRadio.com.

More information will follow, along with a show schedule as we get closer to the launch date.  If you’d like to sponsor Kidz “n” Sports, call Coach Mike at (877)554-5952.

Teach First, Win Later….

Coach Mike


Last week on Kidz “n” Sports we talked about coaches yelling at players.  Is it ok?  What if it’s YOUR kid that being yelled at?  What if a player makes a lot of mistakes?  What is your thinking about how coaches treat their players?  We are going to continue this conversation this week (October 1st).  Author/Coach V.J. Stanley is going to join us and weigh in on this subject.  You can join us too.  Listen to last week’s show then call us this Tuesday at (855)969-7268.  Kidz “n” Sports airs from 9 – 11 AM every Tuesday on www.RantRadioNetwork.com.  If you miss the live show you can still catch it ON Demand at Rant Radio or on our Archive page.