Kidz "n" Sports

Upcoming Shows include GOLF and SOFTBALL

Just a quick heads up.

I’ve been busy lining up some great shows for you. ┬áThis week it’s open conversation as I’ll be discussing a number of youth sports issues. ┬áI hope you’ll join me by calling the show. ┬áDo you have any pet peeves? ┬áThis is your chance to bring them to light on Kidz “n” Sports.

On August 13th I have a special guest on who teaches golf to young kids…at no charge. ┬áOn August 20th I’ll have a representative of ASA coming in which means we’ll be talking softball. ┬áWho are these guests you might ask? ┬áSign up for my newsletter (see the button on the right), or you can wait until closer to showtime.

Teach first, win later….


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