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As I look at other sites and social media, one thing I notice are topics of discussion.  As I post various blogs and videos on this page, I welcome open discussion but there will be some rules.  I believe in free speech but I also believe we can have better discussions if we remain somewhat civil.  So here are the rules:

1.  Anyone can view the blogs and videos, but to comment you must sign up as a member and login.  There is no charge and no, I will not share or sell your contact information.  All ads on the site are either from direct sponsors or via platforms like Google Adsense.

2.  This is a family oriented site.  Profanity and name calling will not be tolerated.  I'm not talking about someone joking around in certain topics.  I believe everyone is smart enough to know the difference between abusive name calling and a friendly poke now and then.  

3.  No selling in discussions.  If you want to sell something, please contact me regarding sponsoring this site.  I am not doing a market place page as I do not want to get involved in monitoring transactions and payments.  There are plenty of places on social media, ebay, etc. to sell your stuff.


I want Kidz "n" Sports to remain and be what it has always been intended, a resource to help parents and athletes have a better youth sports experience.  Thank you for being a part of the Kidz "n" Sports community.

Coach Mike

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Kidz "n" Sports is undergoing a big change.

We will still be a resource for youth sports parents and players to navigate the oft-time choppy waters of youth sports.

Please bookmark this site and check back.  

Thanks for checking in.  

Teach First, Win Later.

Coach Mike

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